Website support.

Need a small change or a complete overhaul? Our website support team is ready to help

Stuck trying to fix your own site?
Can’t get onto your old developer?
No one answering your calls?

Getting a website built is one thing… keeping it in shape and up-to-date is another thing altogether.

Maybe you have tried doing it yourself or the developer who built your site has dropped off the face of the earth, either way we are ready to pick up where it was left and keep your website running smoothly. 

We have made it our goal to not be like our competitors and have dedicated ourselves to having clear lines of communication and very short turn around times… That is one of the reasons we maintain our perfect 5 star rating. 

Our team of experts have experience across a huge range of systems and setups and can help with anything from design changes, to hosting and domain updates. 

Not sure if we can help? Just book a call and find out. 

Why choose Apex Designs for web support?


We have a motto “Every problem has a solution”… sometimes that solution is simple and sometimes it takes some work, but we guarantee a fix to your problem or we will find someone who can help.


There is nothing worse then sitting around waiting to hear back from your website design. That is why we ALWAYS respond to messages within a day. 


We understand the tech stuff you have never dealt with can be frustrating to understand. That is why we communicate clearly and in normal terms so that you know exactly where you stand.

Ready to have your website built by an expert?