Google Ads.

Want to ensure your online success in 2023? Our Google Advertising services are a proven method of attracting Ready-To-Purchase customers and clients within a very short timeframe. 

Why bother with Google Advertising in 2023.

For years, Google Ads has been leading the charge for digital advertising strategies, surpassing other marketing avenues with its unmatched effectiveness and efficiency. While new options have emerged, none have been able to dethrone Google Ads as the Gold Standard. This is not surprising when you take into account some of the key features of Marketing with Google:

– Measure results with pinpoint accuracy
– Obtain results in a matter of days
– Test and optimise ads to a minute detail 

By utilising the full arrange of options available (Google Performance Max campaigns, Google Shopping, Google Search, etc.) Apex Designs has been able to generate concrete results for businesses across Australia. Our hands-on methodology has allowed us to gain valuable insights and develop a wealth of insider knowledge.

If you are looking to acquire high-quality customers or leads that you don’t have to chase, then book a call or send us an email and ask how Google Advertising can benefit your business.

What sets us apart.

No lock in contracts

We believe we should have to prove our worth every single month. That is why we have no lock-in or minimum monthly commitment contacts.

Proven results

Our advertising efforts helped grow a small local website from $30,000 to $300,000 in just 24 months. While we can’t guarantee the same for you we believe our track record speaks for itself.


Apex Designs, as a whole, is renowned for ease of communication and our Google Ads service team is no different. There is 1 call a month limit, if you have a question we are here to answer it.

Google Adwords is the way to skip the organic route and jump straight to the results.

Be #1 on Google

We can guarantee you to the top position on Google overnight when you work with us.

Spend as much as you like

While we do have a recommended ad spend to ensure the best chance at results. Technically you can spend as little or as much as you like. 

Measured results

Our experienced team of Google Advertisers can track and measure your results so that we don’t have to tell you about them, we can just show you. 

Google Advertising will change the way you think about digital marketing.

Our services have been pivotal in supporting the success of businesses around Australia. For example:

Case study 1: In 24 months we grew a business from $30,000/yr in online revenue to $300,000/yr.

Case study 2: Our AdWords + website redesign services meant a client’s online business did more revenue in 3 months than they did in their best previous year. 

Growth your business today.

Google Advertising is a staple in the world of digital marketing with the vast majority of large scale brands utilising it to their advantage. Apex Design’s expert services mean that this powerful tool is now available for businesses of any size across Australia. 

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One-on-one consultation.

When you work with Apex Designs for your Google advertising, you will deal with 1 person. We take responsibility for our results.


Unlike a lot of Google marketers, we don’t limit you to 1 call a month. If you have questions we are here to answer them.

Proven results.

Finding a digital advertiser with a proven track record is hard. But obviously not impossible, seeing as you found us.


If you ever have a question about how, what, why or when we are doing something, all you need to do is ask. 

Frequently asked questions.

What if I don’t have a website?

A website is a must for Google Advertising as you need to send interested leads and potential customers somewhere. If you are interested in growing your business online and need a website just get in contact and we can help with that too. 

Can I run Google Ads myself?

Of course! It is actually not that hard to set up a basic campaign and Google will help you run through your options. However, running your own AdWords is like trying to fix your own car (unless you are a mechanic), it will probably cost you more money, in the long run, than you save. Plus you likely won’t see quality results.

I already have Google Advertising set up but they aren’t running very well, can you help?

Yes, we can. If you already have Google Ads running (because you set them up yourself or you were working with another agency) we simply start by running an audit on your existing campaign. From there our process is virtually the same as always. 

Ready to talk “Google Advertising” with an expert?