Local SEO.

Local SEO is the marketing tool you have been missing. Having a solid SEO strategy helps you generate qualified leads for your business that are located in your geographical service area. A great fit for any local business looking to dominate in 2023

Local SEO services.

The goal of a well-targeted local SEO campaign is to help put your business on the map and make it easier for customers in your area to find you. Our customized strategies are tailored to make sure your business is right in front of highly motivated customers when they are specifically looking for your services.

Did you know that over 90% of consumers use search engines to find a business in their local area? Or the fact that over 45% of all searches on websites like Google and Safari have some sort of locality in them (e.g. business near me, or Local SEO Albury)?

One of the key reasons we can’t recommend local SEO enough is the conversion rate!

Our expertise keeps your business ahead of the competition in your city, town, or region. Want to find out how we can help your business appear at the top of the search results for important search terms? Get in touch to find out if our local SEO will be a good fit for your business.

Our simplified process.

Set your goals

The strategy we develop for your business is targeted to your specific goals. We aren’t a “Cookie Cutter” agency. Exceptional results require personalised care.

Run custom strategy

Starting with a SEO Audit and ending in link building, Apex Designs executes your personalised strategy with constant tweaks and adjustments to make sure you get the best results.

Experience the results

The sign of our success is when you can see the results for yourself. The best thing about Local SEO is that you can simply Google your keywords and see how your website is ranking!

Local SEO is one of the few long-term solutions in the world of digital marketing.

On-going results

Unlike Pay-Per-Click advertising, Local SEO provides long-lasting and compounding benefits to your business.

Relatively quick results

Unlike traditional SEO, Local SEO can start showing results within as little as a month depending on your goals.

Foundational marketing

One of the best marketing strategies for developing a solid online business presence.  

Work with a team trusted by businesses across Australia.

Our services have been pivotal in supporting the success of businesses around Australia. Local SEO is such a powerful tool that we stand behind the results of a well-executed strategy wholeheartedly. 

Create growth in your business.

Unfortunately, in today’s online world, it is no longer “build it and they will come”. For a website to be successful you need to promote it and one of the highest rated way to do this is through Local SEO.

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One-on-one consultation.

When you work with Apex Designs for your local SEO, you will deal with 1 person. We take responsibility for our results.


Unlike a lot of SEO Experts, we don’t limit you to 1 call a month. If you have questions we are here to answer them.

We use our own services.

If you found us, there is a good chance that you did so because of our very own Local SEO strategy. Work with someone that trusts their own services to use it themselves. 

Crystal clear communication.

Every industry has a lot of jargon but for some reason, Search Engine Optimisation has more than most. We demystify the process by using normal terminology.

Frequently asked questions.

What if I don’t have a website?

Local Search Engine Optimisation requires a website to work. But don’t worry we have a team of highly skilled web developers in-house that can take care of that. 

    What are the keys to success when it comes to Local SEO?

    A few big things that most people miss are: 

    • Google Business Profile 
    This is an essential step for any local business to power up its local SEO ranking. Make sure to keep your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistent. 

    • Local Directories
    The key when listing your business on local directories is, again, the NAP and also to make sure they are good quality and as local as possible (Australian, etc.)

    • Landing Pages 
    Google loves a dedicated locational landing page. 

    • Local Backlinks
    Getting a backlink from a local, high-quality, website can be a huge boost to your business’s local SEO ranking. But this can be harder than it seems.  

    All-in-all, for an effective strategy you need to take all of the above into consideration and more (including content, page titles, word count, display optimisation, etc.) 

    Ready to talk about Local SEO?