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I confess…

Our websites aren’t really websites.

They are business building, profit pumping, customer magnets DISGUISED as websites!

Our websites sell your products while you eat, drink, sleep and party in the Bahamas.

Don’t get me wrong, a website should look pretty.

But let’s face it… a website is a business investment.

and as such, they should first and foremost be designed to SELL your products, so that you can get a great result on the time and money you put in.

This is why we specialize in building eCommerce websites.

We want our clients to be paid many times over for the cost of their investment, so much so that it seems ridiculous that they spent so much time waiting to do it!

What We Do

We build custom websites to SELL your products and services.

This means built-in payment gateways that handle sales and deposit the cash straight to your bank account.

Whether you want to sell:

  • Products: such as an online shop or store
  • Events: Such as a weekend workshop or festival
  • Courses: Such as online courses teaching people a skill
  • Subscriptions: such as a gym membership that recurs monthly

We can design a website solution to put dollars in your pockets.


All of our websites include:

Device Responsive Design

Do you know why it’s so quiet on bus’s trains and planes now?

it’s not because the engines have magically become 10x quieter.

It’s because people are glued to their mobile phones! And you know what they’re probably doing? looking at things they want to BUY

So rather than fight this trend, we design our websites to automatically resize and look beautiful on your customer’s phone, tablet or laptop.


Easy To Pay Checkouts

Did you know most online sales are lost at the checkout?

Most eCommerce websites have such clunky, frustrating and hard-to-use systems, that their customers shout, “To hell with this!” and go somewhere else.

But not YOUR customers!

That’s because we design your website to have a beautiful, easy checkout experience, so when it comes time to dust off their crusty old credit card, they make a nice fat purchase.



Magnetic Sales Copy

Did you know that writing, enticing, irresistible advertising is a bit of science?

Did you also know that not 1-in-100 business people takes the time to learn how to do it effectively?

We mean it when we say we want your website to be a customer magnet, that’s why we offer to do all the sales writing for you!

That way all you have to do is sit back, provide us the information on the service you want to sell, and then let the dollars roll in!

Streamline your business

Automate your business workflow, relax more, drink more coffee.
I’ve worked with Apex Designs for quite a few years now with my FabYouLash & FabYouLips businesses and nothing has ever been too big of an issue with them.

They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of web/course building and are also very helpful.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Apex Designs to anyone looking to build an online business and will continue to use them for all my online business needs in the future. Carla Telford

Owner FabYouLash & FabYouLips,

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