How visual direction and weight impact your web design

There are many elements to consider when it comes to custom web design. Some of the biggest points to take note of among these would be visual weight and direction. This can be instrumental in guiding your audience through your website and making sure you are retaining visitors.


What is Visual Direction?

 As the name suggests, this is all about helping a website visitor navigate through the page visually. You basically want to direct the path that their eyes take when looking through your website and its various elements.

 More than simply making a website that looks good, you want to create purposeful cues that encourage the viewer to take the intended steps you want them to take. It’s a good way to highlight specific details or elements or even create a sales funnel if your platform has a checkout system.

 You will usually want to settle on the overall direction of your web design. This can be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. It can determine the immediate feeling and perception that a user will have of your website.

 Within this flow, you will also have to employ a visual hierarchy to get the impact you want for certain elements. You’ll need to use the right positioning, type of element, and even shape to create the movement and emotion you want.


What is Visual Weight?

Visual weight refers to the actual elements on your website and the level of impact they each hold. When you are determining the visual weight of a website element, you are figuring out how much it attracts the eye. Every aspect of its composition will play a role in how it is perceived and how noticeable it is.

In modern web design, this is primarily concerned with the creation of white space, determining background elements, choosing the right colour palette, and creating depth and contrast. This will all then be executed by using specific colours, textures, shapes, and sizes to match the function of each element.


How Do These Impact Web Design?

When properly executed together, this can put your website above the rest. There are numerous benefits from simply having good visual direction and weight.

  • Increased Visual Interest

You can create a pretty image and yet still have it be a largely forgettable thing that doesn’t really draw interest. In a populated and fast-paced digital space, you want to capture attention right away and make sure you hold that interest long enough to get the information you want to get across to visitors.

  • Improved User Experience

The way your website appeals visually can contribute greatly to the user experience. If your visitors have an easier time navigating your website and don’t have a hard time looking at its elements, then they are more likely to come back and even share the page.

  • Better Conversion Rate

At the end of the day, businesses want conversions. If you have a well-designed website, you can more easily lead visitors into making a transaction. The simplicity of making a transaction already makes people more likely to do so.


It’s easy to overlook such things when you’re just trying to bang out a website to get out there. Having extra attention to these details, however, will be essential to creating a more well-rounded website that pulls people in. This is what enables you to make use of affordable website design and still be able to produce an elevated platform.

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