Tips to Spread Brand Awareness Before Launching Your Website

Building a site without any form of brand awareness is the epitome of the phrase “built on a shaky foundation.” There are many ways you can create brand awareness before even launching your site, and some of those ways might surprise you. 

Below are ways that will help ensure your brand is on the customers’ minds before even having a site to show them: 

Build Your Social Media Presence

Being on social media as a brand is almost like a requirement these days. So, you want to get started with that even before you launch your website. Doing so will let potential customers recognise your brand pre-launch. So by the time you launch your site, you have already gained the trust of a significant number of customers who are also looking forward to everything you have to offer. 

Build an Email List

The best time to build an email list is before your site goes live. As you acquire emails, you can use this opportunity to already start sending updates on your launch, give people sneak peeks and many more. You can also use this chance to give gifts that will definitely entice customers. 

Create Guest Posts

Get in front of industry leaders and blogs relevant to your brand by creating guest posts. This is one of the most effective ways to raise brand awareness and a great way to build your email list. 

Ensure to publish high-quality content to attract potential clients and respect the format of the website you’re guest posting on. 

Reach Out to Publications

Many publications are interested in online start-ups. Therefore, reach out to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Let them know when you’ll go live and what you can bring to the market. 

Be a Part of Online Communities

Online communities like forums are a great way to spread brand awareness even before you launch your website. You’ll be surprised at the many influential people you can meet online that can help you spread brand awareness. 

Do a Soft Launch

As part of your brand awareness campaign, make sure you test your website before you launch it. Doing so will help ensure that everything’s working properly before the big day. Invite some friends to check it out and ask for their feedback. 

A good idea is to do a soft launch by making the site live for 24 hours and have a group of people read your content, purchase, purchase a product and much more. 

Be Known Before You Launch

To thrive in the wild west that is the internet, being a lone goblin is a fatal move. The best idea for a website will be left to rot if there’s no one to nurture it. So, before you go all guns blazing, you have to lay down a bit of groundwork—and that is through brand awareness. While your site is being built, designed, and whatnot, use this opportunity to spread brand awareness. By the time you go live, you have established a following that is eager to get your products or service. 

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