Refer a friend and earn $200.00.

Earn $200 every time you refer someone that purchases a website or redesign from us.

How our referral system works.

There is no limit on how many people you can refer… you do the maths.  

1. Refer a friend.

Tell a friend about our services and have them get in contact with us.

2. Tell us.

Let us know who you have referred… just make sure to let us know before they sign up to be eligible for the referral program.

Email: info@apexdesigns.com.au

3. $200.00.

Once the initial deposit is paid and received we will transfer $200.00 directly to your desired Australian account!


How many people can I refer?
The sky is the limit a.k.a there is no limit.

1 = $200
5 = $1,000
10 = $2,000

What is the person is related to me?
Great! We love that… you are still eligible for the $200.

Does the referred person need to purchase a minimum amount of website design work?
No… any website design (complete or redesign) will make you eligible to collect the fee.

What if I forget to tell you before my friend contacts you?
This is not a problem… just make sure that you let us know before your friend pays their deposit.

Once the deposit is paid we can’t retrospectively add you to the referral program and so you can’t receive the reward.

What if I refer someone that only needs website support or an audit?
The referral program only relates to Website Design and Redesign services.

However, if you refer someone and they purchase over $1,000 in either support, hosting or consulting services we would be more than happy to honour the $200 payment.

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