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Why Invest In A Logo?

Why invest in getting a quality logo done when you could get a cheap one for $50 bucks off sites like fiverr.com, or 99designs.com?

While these sites can knock out a cheap and nasty logo, and you can tick the “I have a logo” box, consider what a logo actually is. A logo is meant to be a symbol for your business, that conveys the qualities, values, and standards that you choose to uphold.

What do you want peoples first reaction to be when they see your business?

Do you want them to have that gut reaction of “these guys are amateurs”, or do you want them to be wowed and impressed by the quality of your branding?

Let’s face it, packaging matters. Part of the reason why Apple is seen as a premium brand is because of there attention to detail on the box your iPhone or MacBook comes in.

Imagine if you were just handed your expensive new iPhone in a scrunched up paper bag? How would you feel about this?

Although I’m sure a paper bag would be a lot cheaper to make then the beautiful, sturdy, crisp white boxes the apple products come in, it would actually dilute the brand and cost the business money as people wouldn’t value it as much.

Your logo is the packaging for your business, choose wisely.

Before Vs After

This was a branding redesign we did for one of our clients who runs a personal training business. When you understand the values that the business wants to display, (which in this case were self esteem, vibrant energy, grace, sexy & powerful) you can tailor make a logo to embody those traits.

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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs