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Online Courses Are Great For:

Teaching Others A Skill

More and more people are preferring to learn new skills from the comfort of their own home, from playing guitar to cooking the perfect filet mignon, the power of online courses to teach is limited only by your imagination

Training Staff

A great way to train and upskill staff or contractors on your business processes, without being time intensive on your management, is with online courses.

You can build your own educational platform on how you do things in your business, without wasting time explaining things over and over again.

You can create tests and certificates and at a glance, see who is up to speed on what, and who needs further training.

Building Passive Income

While a course might take a bit of time up front to build, after it’s created it takes relatively little effort to enroll and manage new students.

This is great for those looking to build side or passive income for their business, and those wanting to free up more time for themselves to focus on those other parts of their business or life.

Sell your courses with any payment platform such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.

Software We Use


We design our courses using premium software such as ‘LearnDash’ A fast, powerful and easy to use design software that allows you to control enrollment, manage learner progress, communicate clearly, set quizzes and reward your learners with badges or certificates


We build primarily on WordPress as this is the most widely used, customizable and trusted platform in the industry, powering approximately 30% of all websites on the internet!

With WordPress, It’s so easy to add new features like payment forms, recurring billing, user logins and more.

How We Work

Phase 1: Getting Clear On what you’re After

Whether you’re wanting to sell a one-off course, build a platform to train your employees, or maybe create an online learning resource to supplement your ‘in-person’ training, we’ll work with you to get clear on what you want and what you want the course to be able to do.

Phase 2: Gather Resources

We’ll collect the course content that you’ve created and make a plan for the best way to structure the content to create the best learning environment for your students.

Phase 3: Build The Course

We’ll build the course according to your plans and specifications, focusing on simplicity and making it an easy and enjoyable experience for your learners.

Phase 4: Testing

We’ll test the course numerous times, making sure that it works flawlessly on any device and that it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Phase 5: Training

Lastly, we’ll train YOU on how to use and manage the course software.

We’ll teach you how to enroll and manage new learners, how to check their progress, and how to add or remove parts of the course as you see fit.

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