4 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Website Wildly Successful

Ecommerce is quickly becoming the main way we buy online. With the invention of sites like Amazon and eBay, it’s made it very clear that ecommerce can be big business.

It’s also especially cost efficient for small entrepreneurs to get off the ground or start their own business for the first time. Without the cost of having a shop front, staff, or even storage space, costs to starting out are dramatically cut down.


That being said it still requires quite a bit of work to get going, so I’ve included 4 simple tips to help you on your journey.


Tip 1: Make it customer friendly.

You’ll notice that I bring up this point often in my blog posts quite a bit, but that’s because it needs emphasizing.

I remember once when I was dealing with an investment company, I had to fill out a 20 PAGE APPLICATION FORM, just so that I could GIVE them $5,000 to be their next customer, smart business? Perhaps not.

Imagine though if instead, it was a 1 or 2 page application form,. How many more customers could they potentially get?


Likewise in your business, remove as many obstacles as you can for your customer. Finding and getting their products/services from you should be as easy as possible.


Tip 2:  Test Everything!

This point kinda ties in to number 1. Basically test everything on your site to make sure it works.

I remember a friend of mine had just set up a new business, and was wondering why they weren’t getting any customers on their from their website. As it turns out, with the contact form they had on the site (which was the only way customers could get in touch)  they had chosen to make the submit button on the form white. The problem was that they ALSO had made the background to their website white, effectively making the button invisible.


Had they tested their site, they would of easily picked upon these. The point is, even if you think something will work, test it anyway.


Tip 3: Go mobile

The statistics on the number of people that own a smartphone or a tablet are ridiculous, something like 80% of ALL HUMAN BEINGS own one. On top of this more than half of all online purchases are made on a mobile device.

Sooooo that being said it pays to make your website mobile responsive, or else you could be missing out on a HUGE slice of the pie, and who wants to miss out on pie 🙂


Tip 4: Never stop evolving

Take Darwin’s advice, survival is of the fittest (in our case, the smartest) so continue to learn about online marketing and keep improving your business. Don’t be the rabbit taking a nap by side of the road, thinking that your business is “good enough”, and being overtaken later by turtles. Keep on moving and keep getting , as daft punk would say, Better faster and stronger.