Good Websites vs Bad Websites

Ahh the internet, with so many possibilities and so many websites you’d think we would have learned how to design things well by now right?

Sadly no, there are many, MANY, websites out there that are slow, clunky, ugly and just kinda… annoying and shitty to use.

That being said, there are a few websites out there that have beautiful, crisp, clean design that make it simple and easy to do the thing you’re trying to do.

Below I’ve listed a good website example and a bad website example and what’s good/bad about them

First off

Screenshot 2015-10-21 20.15.46

There website is just… beautiful. Beautiful in its simplicity and ability to deliver its message in a succinct, relaxed, and pleasant tone.

Their sales page is a work of art, it doesn’t seem pushy, there’s no large obnoxious “BUY NOW!” buttons anywhere, they just simply state one benefit after another and make it very clear how they can help.

The pricing is simple and transparent, I’ve found that for a lot of business’s they try to hide their pricing, making you have to call to find out about it, to me this is wrong, you should make it as easy as you can for customers to find out what it’s going to cost.

All in all a great website.


Screenshot 2015-10-21 20.15.31

Whoever made this website should be locked up for a long time… or forced to take a design course. Basically this could have been a really nice website, except for a few HUGE FLAWS.

The menu text at the top of the page is fluro red, making it glary and hard to see, Perfect if you like being confused on how to use a website.

The pictures, while groovy and beach themed, have absolutely nothing to do with hair, massage therapy or any other of the number of services they offer, further adding to the confusion

The text colour they have chosen, to display their important contact details, is blue. A lovely light blue that blends in really well with the sky/ocean background image they have behind the text…. This is not a good thing.

I just have to say that I designed neither of these sites. I like to look at other websites for inspiration and for guidance on what not to do.

The key lessons we can learn from these websites is this:

  1. Communicate clearly and simply
  2. Easy to use design
  3. Make it simple to understand
  4. Make it look nice
  5. Show people the benefits of working with you (in a non-pushy way)

Just something to bare in mind when having a website made, it increases the chance that you’ll create something you’d be proud to show your mum.