Logo Design

Brand Yourself.

“Clearly many businesses are based on selling online, but increasingly e-commerce is also a supplementary revenue stream or just a practical way of collecting payment.”

Want to build trust with your customers?

Maybe you just need a better logo…

I’m not having a go at you, but I am being serious though.

The first thing we see when we interact with a business is often their logo.

Think about Mcdonalds iconic ‘M’, Nike’s ‘Just do it’ tick, or Apple’s…. apple!

I used to think that fussing over a high-quality logo was a pointless exercise, reserved only for pompous marketing snobs as they sipped their caramel frappucino’s and twirled their moustaches.

But turns out there’s actually some pretty awesome science and benefits that go with a clear and recognizable logo!

Benefits like trust! You see we humans are biologically hardwired to trust things that look familiar. Imagine that your a caveman walking across the savannah and you come across two type of berries. One is a blueberry that you ate last week and was delicious, the other is a completely unknown RED berry, you’ve never eaten before. Now the red berry might be just as delicious and nutritious as the blueberry… or it could be poison. The caveman that went around eating untested red berries quickly died out. So we are all the descendants of those cavemen & cavewomen that chose the safe, secure and FAMILIAR blueberry.

This is why many companies get celebrity endorsements for their products, their faces are RECOGNISABLE, because we’ve seen them so many times before, and hence we naturally trust them, even if the product in question is actually inferior to a similar, but less familiar product.

So if you want to take advantage of one of human kind’s genetically inbuilt preference for familiar and recognizable things, consider getting a well-designed logo.