Ultimate Guide: Setting Up Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) is an extremely powerful tool that allows your business to show up on Google Maps and Google Search and it is 100% Free. You are able to manage how it shows up through customising your location, business name when you’re open and also allows you to add photos and collect customer reviews. GMB is the Go-To starting place to launch your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing, a medium to long term lead generation strategy. While in most cases you won’t get instant results from following this how-to guide, it follows the same logic as planting a tree, the best time to do it is 20 years ago and the second best time is today.

This is an easy way to capture the “xyz business near me” customers without paying a cent. You want to make sure that these people get the clearest and most flattering impression of you as possible, which is easily done if you handle your GMB account properly. If you want to know how to set up your Google My Business account quickly and effectively just follow the steps set out below. We will be covering:

  1. Creating an account.
  2. Customising what your potential customers see.
  3. Factors that affect your ranking (coming soon).

Note: Google My Business requires you to have a physical location from which you operate. This can be a home but as a part of the verifying process, you will have to receive a “postcard” with a code on it so make sure you consider this before you put down an address.


Part 1: Creating Your Google My Business Account

There are a few steps here but Google’s systems are very user-friendly and everything you need to know set out below (if you already have an account you can skip this section altogether).

  • Log into your business Google Account, if you don’t have an account you can create a new one for free by creating a Gmail account.
  • Follow this link google.com/business and click the “Start Now” button in the top right-hand corner of your page.
  • Proceed by entering your business name… This should be the same as the name you want to show up on Google Maps. Press “Next”.

  • You will then be asked if you want to add a location select the “Yes” option. If you select “No” you will not show up on Google Maps or in the Google search map. Press “Next”.
  • Fill in your business address. Make sure this is correct as it will be where the verification postcard will be sent and it is also where you will show up on Google Maps. Press “Next”.

  • If you deliver to your customers or visit different locations check Yes if not select No. Press “Next”. If you selected Yes then you can input the areas that you do services via postcodes or areas. 90% of businesses would select No.

  • Input the type of business you are. You can change this later and add additional services but you are trying to select the most relevant category. This selection is VERY important because it dictates which people Google will show your business listing to.

  • Fill out your contact information and your website URL (simply go to your website and copy the URL from the top bar eg. apexdesigns.com.au) or if you don’t have a website or are waiting for a website to be completed just click the “Don’t need a website” button and you can add a website later.
  • Follow the next few prompts as you see fit and then click “Finish”
  • Now you can verify your business. The most common method is via the “Postcard” option and is generally the only option available. Just put in your Contact Name at the address and click mail and it will arrive within about 6 days.

  • Once your postcard arrives log back into your Google My Business account and select the location you want to verify and select Verify Now. In the Code field enter the five-digit verification code and click “Submit”.

Note: If you do not receive the postcard you can request a replacement by clicking the “Request another code” at the top of the screen, however, you should only do this after about 10 or so working days because it will cancel the previous code and you will have to wait the time again even if the original code shows up.  


Part 2: Customising What Your Potential Customers See.

Now you are onto the fun part! You are ready to customise your listing and build out your profile to attract those shiny leads. Just go to the Google My Business dashboard (log into your account). Click on the listing you are going to work on and select “Info” and start filling out the sections.  

The more information you can fill out the better. Make sure that it 100% as accurate as possible, but don’t worry if down the track you realise you have made a mistake because you can just come back to this section and edit the fields at any time. Fields you should definitely fill out are business profile photo, area you service, hours, and attributes (which are a really cool way of displaying some of your minor “benefits” such as if you provide wifi or the like). People that find your profile are able to suggest edits as well so it is a good idea to make a schedule to come back and check your Google My Business account to update information and also to respond to reviews.

Managing Your Media:


Photos are pretty much a must for your profile with recorded statics like approximately 35% more clicks for postings with compared to those without. With that in mind, we recommend using high-quality images with the sizing of at least 720px by 720px and in the format of JPG or PNG. You should look to add a profile picture and at least three additional photos. Note: you really want to add photos that are extremely relevant to your business. For example, if you are a bakery add a couple of photos from the front of your shop, the inside of your shop and most importantly your best selling bread or cakes. If you are a painter you should add (with the permission of the client of course) photos of a house you recently painted or a project that showcases your skill.


Videos are great and we highly recommend adding some to your listing if you have them available but don’t panic because customers generally don’t “expect” to see them, unlike photos. Just make sure that the videos are:

  1. Less than 30 seconds
  2. Less than 100 MB
  3. 720p or high in resolution.

Now for the big topic of REVIEWS:

Yes, they are important, no having 100 reviews will not guarantee you a top spot on Google Maps ranking (though it will help). A great way to get started with reviews is to ask existing clients to leave you a quick review on your google maps posting or if you are brand new to give away free products or services in exchange for a review. The number of reviews to aim for is completely a case by case situation. However, having even 2 or 3 can greatly boost potential customers trust in your business due to the whole concept of “Social Trust”.

Another great way to get more reviews is to reply to your current reviews. Leave a quick thank you reply to good reviews and very polite and well thought out reply to negative reviews. Replying to negative reviews with a response that addresses the unhappy customers issues and in a pleasant way can sometimes turn a negative review into a positive for your business because it shows you can and are open to criticism which can go a long way to enhancing the public’s opinion of your business.

Factors that affect your ranking:

Or in simple terms, how high you are on the list when someone searches for your product or service in your location. This section is extensive and we have decided to write a whole article just on these factors. If you are interested just subscribe to our Facebook page at (facebook.com/apexdesignsdigital) and we will announce the release of it there (and a lot of other helpful articles).

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Leading industry professionals located within the Albury Wodonga region. Providing the area with high-quality Website Design and Digital Marketing.

Contact Information

Address | 2/856 Padman Drive, West Albury NSW 2640
Phone | 0427 422 758