5 Mistakes That Lead to a Bad Website & What to Do Instead

Building a simple website for your business is not enough. You need to have a well-functioning website that offers a fantastic user experience if you want to stay ahead of the competition and draw in your target audience.

To identify what you need to do, here’s a set of the things you should stay away from. Continue reading to learn more about the mistakes that lead to a bad website and the right things you should do instead.


Mistake #1: Hiding the Navigation Menu

If you want people to stay on your site for extended periods, you should make it a breeze to navigate. If they cannot immediately see where they have to go, people will just click away from your site and go to your competitor instead.

Make sure that your landing pages contain text links that people will easily see, even when they’re visiting their site on a mobile device. Intuitive navigation is important, regardless of your industry.


Mistake #2: Failing to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Speaking of mobile users, you should make sure that you optimise your site to be responsive, not just for desktop and laptop users but also for those accessing your website on their phones. After all, the number of mobile users is significantly higher than desktop users nowadays, so making sure that the site is optimised for them would be a definite bonus for your site.


Mistake #3: Links Opening in New Tabs or Windows

When your website links lead users to new tabs and windows every single time, you give your users a bad experience and drive them away. It can be irritating when every click causes something else to pop up, and too many tabs can cause navigation troubles for your site visitors.

Additionally, too many open tabs or windows will just slow down browser performance, which might reflect negatively on the chance of anyone revisiting your site.


Mistake #4: Using the Wrong Fonts and Colours

Though images and videos add points of interest to your website, the foundation will always be its text content. The various texts draw in clicks, and they are what your visitors will consume, so make sure your web copy is displayed in readable fonts.

To start, you should avoid using fonts that clash visually. Make sure you use the right colours for the website background. Overall, the fonts and colours you use must represent your brand well.


Mistake #5: Failing to Use Headers

An additional element to think about in terms of content is how you space them out. People can’t read large chunks of text in the same size all the way through. If you want a better user experience, make sure you utilise heading tags, especially H1, H2, and H3s.

Not only will they beautify your site and make your content flow better, but your site visitors will also experience enhanced readability.


Final Thoughts

Because anyone can do website design easily through various website builders, some business owners can be tempted to settle with generic-looking templates. Unfortunately, subpar website design won’t be good for your target audience and your business as a whole.

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