How to Create Good Web Design That Stands Out from the Crowd

Now that nearly everything is virtual, including how we socialise with one another due to the COVID-19 pandemic, strong branding and a polished web design are what make a website stand out. 

These are also factors to a successful digital marketing campaign, especially now that businesses are always looking for unique ways to reach their audiences. Research says that it only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form a first impression of your website, so you better make those 50 milliseconds last. 

That first impression could also affect the rest of your marketing efforts, putting a stronger emphasis on the importance of good web design on your landing page. Your website should impress your visitors, benefit SEO campaigns, encourage users to convert to customers, build brand trust, boost marketing campaigns and more.

Here are some steps to follow in making a good web design that stands out:


Plan and Strategise

Planning lets you list down your business and customer needs and take them into account. You should begin with having a digital strategy in place, meeting all your business objectives. 

When budgeting, you should also use a business and marketing plan, set a firm budget for emergencies and choose a great domain name. For the latter, you should also try to get both .com and .com.au domains.


Choose a Build for Your Website

When choosing a website build, you have three options. First, you can hire a web designer that will understand and cater to your website needs. 

Second, you need a hosted website building platform that will lead you to design your website for a subscription. That makes it imperative to ensure that it has the functionality you need.

Third, you can simply do it yourself, which involves choosing a hosting provider and software platform or a content management system to build your website.


Consider Design and Usability

Your website design is crucial to build trust in your business and ensure that visitors find the content and sales information they’re looking for. So, you can consider using your website to aid in streamlining your sales processes, such as how it captures important information from prospects or processes sales transactions.

You should do four things. First, you need to have navigation that’s consistent and usable, such as an About Us link on every page of your website. Second, avoid Flash and gimmicks that might only take your customers’ attention away from your actual content.

Third, create an HTML sitemap, which is a representation of your website’s architecture. And fourth, you need to ensure your website’s compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that aim to make content accessible to more people.



When you have a dynamic website that changes and alters its appearance based on the screen size and orientation it’s being viewed on, you can stand out from the competition. A responsive website that is also thoughtfully designed is key to attracting more visitors and converting prospects into customers.

Moreover, strong branding and consistency in fonts, colours and creative layouts let you easily stand out and demonstrate your business’ professionalism, all crucial to standing out from the crowd.

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